Wedding Video

Toronto is a happening place. When weddings happen, they happen with full razzle and dazzle, style and glamour. These are ideal events for exciting photos and videos. The couple too will employ the obligatory videographer who will record a documentary style shoot and present it on a CD/DVD/Bluray and that’s that.

However, to give your wedding video that extra-special look, hire a professional wedding video Toronto team that will make a real production of the wedding, similar to a movie, with multiple cameras, lights and plenty of action captured along with emotions and moods of not only the couple but also guests and invitees. Let it be a slick technical production with fades, special effects and mixing that will leave viewers riveted and spell-bound. › Continue reading

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Wedding Reception

The reception is going to be the dinner and party for your wedding, for everyone to enjoy and rejoice in your marriage. Even though you may think the food and drink are the most important aspects, you still have to find the right spot for this. Banquet halls and hotels are great if you are having a large amount of guests. While if you are having a more intimate reception a backyard reception or going to a special restaurant might be the way to go. The wedding reception decorations and music are a part to any reception, finding the right wedding DJ service or band is must. › Continue reading

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Wedding Planning

A wedding day is a day of great joy for the couple about to be united in wedlock for the rest of their lives. It calls for special celebrations. Special pains are taken for everything from the ceremony to the reception to everything else, including the dress, catering, seating and transportation, to make the event a success and for guests to come away feeling satisfied. It can also be a day of dread since anything that is not up to scratch elicits complaints and spoils the festive mood and joyous spirits. If you or your family are planning to handle all aspects, you can also expect that something or the other will not be as perfect as it should be and this can be a cause of something as simple as annoyance to extreme discomfort and embarrassment. With weddings getting more elaborate and complicated in Toronto, you can expect to put in a lot of efforts to make it a success. You can also expect something or the other to crop up that will mar the perfection. › Continue reading

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Wedding Guide

Your wedding day goes by so quickly, it’s just obvious that you’ll do everything in your power to create these great memories! I can’t think of a better way of doing this then having a wedding guide.

It’s important to decide what your goal is before you enthusiastically approach your guide, what do I want to happen at my wedding? Will your wedding be a traditional, or will it be a modern style? You will want to start creating your guide to what will happen at your wedding as soon as possible. It is important to include everything that you expect from this amazing day in your life. Decide on a look and feel, romantic, vintage, and clean, as well as on the colour scheme, make sure to write these as your notes. › Continue reading

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